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 [GameMode] Urban: Gang-War

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MesajSubiect: [GameMode] Urban: Gang-War   Lun Apr 01, 2013 10:43 pm

Note: This is a Windows only Version. The Linux Version version can be found Here

~Server Video~

~Server Features~
- 6 Gangs to choose from. Grove, Biker, Yakuza, Mafia, Homeless, and Mexicans.
- Each gang has their own color. Such as text color, gang zone color, etc.

-Custom Base Mapping-
- Each Gang also has custom mapping for their base.

-Radio Streaming System-
- 3 Genre's to choose from. Metal, Rock, and Dubstep.
- Easy to add more stations. Code is organized, and readable.

-Shopping System-
-/shop System to spend your hard-earned money.-
- Lots of stuff to buy, ranging from armor, to weapons, and also ammunition.
- Easy to add more. No need to struggle with hard-to read code.
- Effectiveness. You can't abuse the medical kit or armor. Only get it once per death.

-Introducing Urban's unique Talent System (Beta)-
- 8 Talents to choose from. Want to play defensively? Go for it. Want to go on a all-out killing-spree? Sure.

- 1. Tank Talent (You will spawn with 130 health instead of 100. Efficient for taking damage.)
- 2. Gold'Digga (You will receive twice the rewards upon killing an enemy. Kick-ass for power leveling.)
- 3. Bandoleer (Plan on camping at the enemies base? Might as well bring extra ammunition. Lets you hold an extra 250 ammo for your main weapon.)
- 4. Vengeance (Not that good of a shooter, but still want to win? Create a explosion when you die, lighting enemies on fire.)
- 5. Stealth (Want to be a professional Sniper Assassin? Heh, sure. Allows you to be hidden completely from other players.)
- 6. Second Chance (One of my favorites. Allows you to spawn at your death location. Only works every 2 deaths.)
- 7. Regeneration (Want to take a more defensive approach? This is for you. Allows you to regenerate a certain amount of health.)
- 8. Berserk (My personal favorite. Allows you to deal an extra 75% Weapon Damage. The highest level talent available. Note: There's a catch. )

-Urban Administration System-
- A organized, self-coded Administration System.
- Effective. You won't have any problems.
- thoroughly tested. Bugs be gone.
- Lots of commands. You should have everything you need.

-Automatic Team Gates-
- I wanted to try something new instead of spawn protection. So we made secured bases.

~Official ChangeLog of Urban: Gang-Wars~
3/1/13 - Team System implemented
3/1/13 - Two test bases created (Will be removed soon, as we have plans to map a new one.
3/1/13 - Team automatic gates added to prevent Spawn Killing.
3/5/13 - Gang zones added.
3/5/13 - New register system added.
3/5/13 - Specific fight styles for every team
3/5/13 - Register system & administration system added to a filterscript. More organization.
3/5/13 - A lot has been done. Progress up to 55%
3/5/13 - Automatic gates removed.
3/5/13 - 4 administration levels added. Moderator, General Admin, Senior Admin, Server Owner.
3/5/13 - Mapped bases added.
3/5/13 - /ahelp implemented for administrators.
3/5/13 - Finished scripting our new, fully functional Urban Administration System (v1.00 Beta)
3/5/13 - Script completion increased by 10%.
3/7/13 - Automatic gates re-added!
3/7/13 - /help for players added!
3/7/13 - Talent system added!
3/8/13 - Progress increased by 5%
3/8/13 - New Talent has been added. "Second Chance" If you're interested in this Talent, please contact a Administrator to reset your Talent.
3/8/13 - Fixed /ip for admins. Added /check for administrators. (Grabs the players stats.)
3/8/13 - Fixed the Stealth Talent. You will now be invisible on the radar whilst using this.
3/8/13 - Reduced Regeneration's health regen from 20 to 10. (Was OP)
3/8/13 - Added /ban for General Administrators. Bye bye hackers.
3/8/13 - Advanced RCON Security.
3/8/13 - /kill implemented as requested.
3/9/13 - Another Talent added. "Gold'Digga"
3/9/13 - Multiple small bug fixes. Progress enhanced by 10%
3/10/13 - Huge update! Turf Wars Added! Two of your gang members must stand in a zone for 80 seconds to capture it! Plan on moving the zones a bit so that when a team spawns it doesn't capture it back so easily.
3/10/13 - /radio fully functional
3/10/13 - Added /updates.
3/10/13 - Bug fixes.
3/10/13 - /givenos added for General Administrators.
3/10/13 - /givenosall added for General Administrators.
3/10/13 When you create a /veh and exit it - it will be destroyed.
3/10/13 - /dveh added. It will destroy any vehicle you're in.
3/10/13 - Multiple bug fixes.
3/10/13 - Progress enhanced by 7%.
3/11/13 - Added /vhelp for VIP's
3/11/13 - Added /varmour for VIP's. (5 min cooldown)
3/11/13 - Added /vskin for VIP's
3/11/13 - Added /vnos for VIP's
3/11/13 - Bronze VIP Commands finished. (For now.)
3/11/13 - If you're a VIP member, you will receive extra cash and score upon killing a enemy. (Different for VIP Ranks.
3/11/13 - /respawncars added for Moderators.
3/11/13 - /vbike added for VIP's
3/11/13 - /vcar added for VIP's
3/11/13 - Script completion status enhanced by 5%
3/11/13 - Multiple bug fixes.
3/12/13 - Bug Fixes
3/12/13 - Anti-Spam added.
3/14/13 - /gethereall added for Senior Administrators.
3/14/13 - Fixed /vskin for VIP's.
3/14/13 - Added a VIP Help Selection in the /help command.
3/14/13 - Reduced the /vgod cooldown to 2 minutes instead of 15.
3/14/13 - Added /tveh and /veh for admins. /tveh is for a temporary vehicle which will be destroyed when you exit it.
3/14/13 - New Talent added. (Bandoleer).
3/14/13 - You now receive 10 score and 5k a kill. With gold'digga you get twice as much.
3/15/13 - Added a /pay command for players.
3/15/13 - Added /vpaint for Silver VIP's.
3/15/13 - Added another hidden Vehicle Repair Station.
3/15/13 - Added /vsay for Gold VIP's.
3/15/13 - Added /asay for Moderators and above.
3/15/13 - Added /ar (Accept Report) for Moderators and Administrators.

- Zeex for ZCMD.
- Y_Less for sscanf, foreach, and the YSI Library.
- SA_MP Team for a_samp.
- Multiple people who helped on the Forums.
- Luke (Rangerxxll)
- Arathin (Arathin)


The latest version of Urban: Gang-Wars will always be available at the link below. ?nhnp68s2onbbw73
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MesajSubiect: Re: [GameMode] Urban: Gang-War   Dum Apr 14, 2013 7:38 am

Good Job!
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[GameMode] Urban: Gang-War
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